Murat Yazar

Murat YAZAR was born in Şanlıurfa in Turkey. After he finished his studies at Harran University, in Turkey, he studied photography at the İSMEK in İstanbul and in Fototrek Photograph Centre where he continued his studies as a professional photographer. Murat Yazar, who takes mainly human-themed photos in his work, has been making documentary-based works in recent years. He works as a documentary and street photographer. He has exhibited in many one-man and and collective exhibitions.

The personal exhibitions that Yazar has held include:

• “Qerejdağ” in 2008 in the Paris Kurdish İnstitute

• “The Alevis” in 2009 in the Paris Kurdish İnstitute

• “The Faces of Mezopotamia” in 2011 Şanlıurfa and Gaziantep

• “The Saturday Mothers” in 2010 in Diyarbakır

• “The Faces of Mezopotamia” in 2011 in Berlin

• “The Refugees” in 2014 in Barcelona.

Some of the collective exhibitions in which Yazar has exhibited are:

• “100 Reflections of Islam” in Hungary

• “The Sulukule Romans” in Lille in France

• “The Urban Transformation in İstanbul and Tarlabaşı”, Bilgi University.

Recently his work was presented in the “İz Magazine” in 2012, in Now Magazine, Canada in 2013, in National Geographic 2015 and in BarrObjektif festıval, France, 2013.

Murat Yazar is living in Şanlıurfa and is the chief executive of the photography and film association, MEFSAD. He also gives workshops and basic, intermediate,and advanced photography classes ın dıfferent cıtıes ın Turkey.

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